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I enjoy making MODs and taking pictures by using them and share the MODs for the others to share the fun, but look what I have done. It's nothing, but just to violate the law. That's how the manufacturer of the products define us now, according to their recent announcement.
What the f〇ck is wrong with them? What they have done is just to kick out all the people who loves your products.
why did it have to be that way (2)

I don't know what I should do now. I loved their products as it gave me a lot of fun and chance to know many good people who share the fun with me. YOU ARE NOW LOISNG US ALL!!
why did it have to be that way (3)






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Hi there,

The article can be found at the end of the page in here.
(You need to remove the quote from the first letter for the link to work.)

It's in Japanese and it says do not create, distribute, use, or sell MODs, do not alter screen shots, or do not do anything other than "playing" (? I don't fully understand this part).

Well, it's the same old story, but I heard the Japanese law has been changed a bit and now we would be officially arrested when we violate
some kind of MOD or copy right violation. That could be related to the
manufacturer's announcement.
(I'm not sure the exact new rule there in Japan though).

For me, that changes nothing, but many other users for HS, AI, and Koikatsu left Twitter and Pixiv since last week, and many uploaders for MOD have been closed already.
That makes me a bit nerves for what I do with PlayClub as well.

Regarding to Join Discord, there are only 4 or 5 users for PlayClub that I know, so it may not be necessary to
re-create community for such a small group, I guess. Thank you for your suggestion though.
I often visit there to have HoneySelect MOD for playclub-conversion anyway:-)

Thanks for your comment and take care.

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